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I offer a wide range of services for every need.

Permanent Business Strategy is my coaching program with a focus on growth in every area of business and life. The goal is freedom which every entrepreneur dreams of. In my coaching career so far I’ve witnessed those dreams become reality every day.


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For fresh entrepreneurs and new businesses:

Marketing Coaching/Mentoring Together, we will create a cost effective and dynamic plan for
getting your message out to the marketplace that will be handled in small, bite size tasks. We will take the overwhelm out of starting a business.

Time Management and Focus Accountability Coaching—sometimes we need someone who will help keep us on track and moving the needle forward regardless of the distractions life throws our way. Using proven techniques and plans, you will experience a whole new level of productivity and energy.


For seasoned business owners and C suite executives

The Sounding Board—now you can have someone to run ideas and initiatives by who is focused solely on you, your needs and goals. No worries about conflicts of interest or loose lips.

Communication Coach—in today’s world of immediacy, it is important to pause and talk things through before communicating with team members and supervisors. Together, we will identify
communication challenges and work on ways to enhance messaging.

Define and Refine—what is it that you really want from your life and career? Are you using your time in the best possible way to reach your goals? Have your goals changed? Do you need some time to rethink priorities and come up with a new roadmap?


For those moving through life’s transitions

Are you hobbled by Imposter Syndrome? Have you lost track of what brings you peace and happiness? Are you transitioning into retirement or struggling with the challenges of caring for children and your parents? By talking things through and applying simple
steps, life can become less chaotic and have greater clarity.

Get started now. Book a free Discovery Call and let’s talk.

Together, we will explore where you are now and where you want to go.

Then, we will work on a road map to get you there.

You will end up accomplishing more, feeling more empowered and connecting with others on a new

Marci Brand - Business Coach

“We can’t become what we want by remaining what we are.”

Max DePree

Organizing your Life

The talk that might change the way you think about the gratitude for yourself and others

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Control Your Free Time

Everyone needs a time just for itself – learn the importance of your free time

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Do You Need a Life Coach?

If you’re feeling scattered, overwhelmed or are preparing for a major life change, I can help.

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What do people say?

Testimonials from the folks who changed their lives – for better.

Joanna has been working with me for nearly a year now and what an eventful year it has been. Joanna’s guidance, support and honesty have helped me not only navigate some tricky life changes but have also helped me achieve some lifelong goals. I would recommend her coaching services to anyone - Thank you Joanna!
Mary Doolittle
Mother of 4
I trained to be a life coach with Joanna in 2017 and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. She really made me believe I could do this and changed my life in the process. I now have a thriving business and I owe much of this to the input I’ve had from this dedicated, wonderful lady. I highly recommend Joanna’s services in coaching!"
Kelly Whitberg

My Talks & Workshops

My recent conference talks in New York and Baltimore

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